Simple Ways to Determine the Quality of Hair Extensions

Simple Ways to Determine the Quality of Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions allow you to experiment with your hairstyle and if properly worn look no different than your natural locks. From beautiful curls to lace front wigs, the variety to choose from is just endless. The quality of hair extension you wear must be top-notch for best results. Distinguishing good extensions from bad ones may seem like a task but there are ways in which you can easily determine if the extension is worth spending on or not! The poor quality extensions look perfectly fine at first but after a few months they are not suitable to be worn as they become stringy and matted.

Virgin or Remy hair is considered to be of the best quality when it comes to hair extensions. Many hair companies claim their hair extensions to be 100% natural but that is just a marketing strategy to sell the product. Unlike Remy hair, synthetic hair doesn’t come with an intact cuticle. It is placed in acid baths which removes the layer of the cuticle from the strands. A silicone layer is applied thereafter to bring back the lost shine and luster.

If your hair extension woes never seem to come to an end, ladies, it is probably time to learn a couple of simple tricks that will help you decide the quality of the product. Keep the following tips in mind when shopping for extensions be it lace front wigs or otherwise and you will never have to regret spending on bad quality extensions. Here we go.

  1. Take a hair strand from the bundle and run your fingers in the opposite direction in which the strand naturally lays. If you feel friction, know that the cuticle is still in place. Go ahead and make the purchase.
  2. Another way is to determine quality is the flame test. Use a pair of tweezers to hold a strand of hair. Place a lighter with a steady flame near the strand. If it is actually human hair, you will notice a small orange flickering flame. After burning briefly it will char and turn to a dark powder upon crushing. 

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