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Wig Making Tools

Sandra Rose ·


Women who love wearing wigs also enjoy making wigs in the 21st century. Many women have learned how to make their own wigs. One of the reasons some have chosen to make their own is the flexibility. Woman can wake up in the morning then choose to wear her hair short, long, straight, or wavy. The benefits are endless. For example, if the wig is made with human hair, the longevity of the style lasts longer in comparison to synthetic wigs. Second, wig making provides supplemental income Wig making is a skill that is not difficult to learn. Likewise, social platforms such as YouTube, feature step by step video of women making wigs. Also, skilled wig makers who enjoy teaching wig making classes often teach group classes in person for a fee. Currently there are two ways to construct a wig: hand stitch and sewing machine. How much time does it take? constructing a wig with a needle and thread can take up to 3 hours to complete. On the other hand, constructing a wig with a sewing machine can take 1-2 hours. Here is a short list of tools you will need:

  1. Mannequin Canvas block head
  2. Mannequin head  C clamp or tripod
  3. Wig T-pins
  4. C-curve weaving needles
  5. Nylon thread
  6. Human hair weave   one lace front closure, and two to three hair weave bundles
  7. Dome style wig cap
  8. wig combs
  9. scissors

How are these tools used? the mannequin head C clamp holder can be attached to any table. The canvas block head is placed on top of the mannequin or tripod. Next, the mesh wig cap is placed over the top of the canvas block head. T-pins are used to secure the hair weave in place while you hand stitch the wefts on to the mesh wig cap. To conclude, if you are interested in learning how to make a wig, purchase your supplies here then get started.



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