4 Things to Know About the Styling and Caring for Braids

4 Things to Know About the Styling and Caring for Braids

Sandra Rose ·

How to care for braided hair

Braids are a go-to hairstyle for most women and girls with natural hair. Not only are they a great way to manage your hair and worn as a protective hairstyle, but they also look super stylish. While some might consider them to be more of a warm-weather hairstyle, we believe that you can rock them throughout the year. Whether you are someone who fashions your braids or you use hair extensions, the key to keeping them looking great and healthy is to follow these simple care and styling tips:

1. Consider your hair texture
Braids are best made on hair that is thick and healthy. This allows your tresses to properly support the braids and the extensions that you add. Thin and fine hair can be easily damaged by braids because they are not strong enough to hold the weight. It can lead to issues like balding from all the tugging that your hair will go through.
2. Use synthetic hair extensions
Synthetic hair extensions are ideally the best choice for creating braids. You can find a variety of quality fibers, including kanekalon and toyokalon. What makes these hair extensions so great is the natural look that they lend to the braids, and you can find an assortment of lengths, textures, and colors.
3. Find the right braider
Braids need to be cared for to increase longevity. You need to find a braider who has experience and skill in braiding and sustaining natural hair growth. A skilled braider will be able to assess the health of your natural hair while not applying too much tension on the hair follicles.
4. Wash your braids in the right manner
Wash your braids not more than once a week to prevent your hair and scalp from drying out. Use a diluted solution of shampoo and water, massage your hair and scalp gently, and then rinse properly to not leave any residue. Pat dry the hair extensions until they are no longer dripping with water. Allow the hair to air dry. Finally, apply braid sheen spray to the scalp.

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