X-Press Yourself

X-Press Yourself

Sandra Rose · · 1 comment

X-pression braids are loved by braid wearers for its length, versatility, and affordability. For example, X-pression braid 3X pre-stretched 58 inches includes 3 bundles that are 58 inches long. The hair bundle is easy to separate without tangling. You may be wondering what makes this braiding hair so popular? Well, X-Pression braiding hair is the number one choice among professional hair braiders. Many boasts about the ease of separation and being hot water friendly. One of the unique differences compared to other brands of braiding hair is the lack of tangling, ease of separation and reduced braiding time. Unlike other brands, X-pression colored braid hair does not shed. This fact ensures consistent quality no matter which color the wearer selects. X-pression hair provides a distinctive look and is suitable for creating a variety of styles such as, knotless braids, stitch braids, box braids, frontal braids, and cornrows. The hair is pre-stretched, so it has a natural look just like natural human hair. X-pression Braids appear thick, yet super light. 

1 comment

  • Everything a braided looks for is non tangling , no shedding & quality hair! This sounds like perfect hair to create a look & help people express themselves as they should. I appreciate the quality you bring & the thought to provide the best hair for your community.

    Vontrese Crosby

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