Tape hair extensions- A Short Guide

Tape hair extensions- A Short Guide

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Every girl wishes to have long, beautiful hair that they can style however they want. But unfortunately, not every girl is blessed with beautiful long thick hair. So, to help them have beautiful long hair, many hair extensions are available in the market that can add length, volume, or both to your natural hair.

One such option is tape hair extensions. These are easy, lightweight, and blend perfectly with natural hair. The most beneficial thing about using these hair extensions is they cause very little damage to the hair and are suitable for all hair types. 

This hair extension is a strip of hair made from 100% human hair. Hence you can find a perfectly colored extension that matches your hair color and has an adhesive strip at the top. It is the most durable type of hair extension on the market, giving you the most natural look.

You need to find a licensed hair stylist to install your hair extensions so that they can add volume, length, and versatility to your hair without any damage. Once the installation process is complete, you must take proper care of your extensions for up to five to eight weeks or longer. 

In this blog, let's explore more about:

  • How to install them?
  • How to remove them?
  • How long do they last?
  • Can you reuse them? 
  • How to take proper care of them?

How to install them? 

The whole process of applying your tape hair extensions is simple. However, you must find a licensed hair stylist to use them. They will assess your hair and find the right places to install the extensions, giving you the most natural look. 

Your hair stylist will shampoo and condition your hair to prepare them for the extensions. They will then measure and cut the tape-in hair extensions according to your desired length. The tape hair extensions will then be applied to your natural hair with the help of a particular type of adhesive tape. 

Two pieces of tape are applied to sandwich a section of your natural hair with the help of special pliers for tape-ins. These extensions must be used at least an inch away from the root of your hair. 

The section of your natural hair in between the tapes must be slightly smaller in width, and thickness should be the same as the tape to ensure that the hair can hold the weight of the extension.

Your hair stylist will then style your hair to ensure the extensions look perfect and blend with your natural hair. 

How to remove them? 

You can easily remove hair extensions with the help of a liquid solution. First, spray the remover solution at the top of the tab and leave for 30 seconds. Slowly you will feel the tapes are starting to loosen. 

Next, gently pull the tape away from the hair. After removing one side of the tape, respray the solution and repeat the same process for the underneath section. 

How long do they last? 

Tape hair extensions can last longer than other types of hair extensions. With proper care, they can last up to six to eight weeks. However, it depends on your hair growth cycle and the condition of your extensions. They also cause less damage to your natural hair than other hair extensions. 

If you want your hair to look flawless, then it's better to have a maintenance check of your hair every four weeks after installing them to check for any knotting/slippage. 

Can you reuse them? 

Yes, you can reuse them. Written below is the process of re-taping them. 

  • Remove the old sticky tab from the tape. It usually comes off during the removal process. But if you notice any residue still sticking to your hair, then you need to remove this before re-taping. 
  • After removing all the previous adhesives, wash your hair properly and dry them. Use a strong conditioning mask on the hair after any removal service.
  • You can re-tape the extensions after your hair is properly clean, dry, and smooth. All you need is a new pack of sticky tape tabs.

How to take proper care of them?

Written below are three main points that you can follow to take care of your hair extensions. 

  • Avoid using any products that contain alcohol, oil, or sulfate. They can dry out your extensions and weaken the adhesive tabs attached to your hair. 
  • Get rid of all the knots or matting with the help of your fingers. Check between each row and tape to ensure no hair gets stuck with a neighbor extension. Also, brush your hair every morning and night.
  • Use heat protection before using any straightener or curler to style your hair. This will protect your hair from drying out or breaking. 


It is better to use tape hair extensions on healthy, non-damaged hair. So, if your hair is fine or thin, consider applying these extensions to get the desired volume and thickness. 

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