5 Quick Tips To Weave Afro Kinky Human Hair Perfectly Into Natural Hair

5 Quick Tips To Weave Afro Kinky Human Hair Perfectly Into Natural Hair

Elise Veal ·

Afro Kinky Human Hair

Most women want to add volume to their hair, something that can uplift their overall appearance altogether. Now, hair extensions weaving is considered a better alternative as it not only gives a realistic look but adds versatility to the hair as well. However, while blending an afro kinky human hair weave with your curls, it’s crucial that you make them appear natural. This is primarily why the ‘wig-experts’ have streamlined 5 quick tips that can help you choose the right afro type that fits your natural hair like a snug glove.

Texture Is Important

Before you go browsing check in with your hair texture. In order to blend your hair in and stand out in the crowd at the same time, you need to pick the exact texture that gels well with your natural hair and complements your features too.

Don’t Forget the Hair Material

You’ll probably find a variety of hair material from synthetic to natural human hair out there. However, if you’re looking for a realistic look, choosing a real human hair weave is always wiser. Human hair blends in evenly and won’t stick out like a sore thumb. Besides, taking care of human hair is way easier and you can even style it according to the changing occasion.

Go For Virgin Hair Weave

If risky experiments are not your cup of tea, consider unprocessed human hair. Virgin hair weave is collected from a single donor and is not treated with dyes, perms, harsh washes, or bleaches making it a safe and steady option.

Twist Your Hair

Sporting an Afro kinky human hair is bound to make heads turn as soon as you walk out the door. But if you’re looking at a long-lasting look, twisting and inter-weaving the afro with your natural hair is the way to go. Besides blending hair seamlessly, twisting also ensures your hair tips are not rebelling or sticking out

Control The Flyaway

Remember, humidity is not friends with your virgin hair. The presence of moisture is an easy giveaway that you’ve added extensions. When you don’t want your afro weave to stick out through your natural mane, use frizz control products that block humidity and softens the texture for both the hair types.

When you maintain the health of your extensions blended with your natural hair, you continue to look your best. Do you want afro kinky human hair extensions to spruce up your everyday perm? Here’s a premium collection of Elise Beauty Supply for wig and weave supplies for you.

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