Tips to Make Your Wigs Look More Natural

Tips to Make Your Wigs Look More Natural

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There are solutions to possibly all sorts of hair problems. For example, if you want shiny, luxurious, and textured hair, several hair products, such as Edge Booster Pomade, can help. But if you are looking for an instant solution for your hair loss problem or you want to experiment with different hairstyles, hair wigs are great options. However, for a lot of wig-wearers, making their wig look natural is often a major concern. Thus, we have put together some of the most useful tips to make your wig look real. 

Learn how to make wigs look more natural.

Prepare Yourself Mentally

Before you even buy a wig, the first step is to prepare yourself mentally. Fear, stigma, and misconceptions related to a wig can play a big role in the way you perceive or see yourself in a wig. These factors influence your feeling of being convinced that your wig looks realistic.

For some people, putting on a wig and feeling confident in it comes naturally. However, for others, wearing a wig with full confidence and comfort can take a little more time and work. But practice and experimentation can really make a difference. You need to get mentally prepared to wear a wig, and a few activities can help you with that. For example, looking at pictures of real women wearing wigs without fear or regret can be motivating. 

Know Your Size

Getting the right size wig for your head will not only make you feel more comfortable but will also make your wig appear more natural. You need to first acknowledge the fact that not all wigs are made of the same size. If your wig is too tight and small, it will not cover your hairline correctly and can also expose the scalp. 

On the other hand, if your wig is too big, the chances of slipping off increase. Only a right-sized wig can provide comfort, perfection, confidence, and an elegant look. You can figure out your wig size with a tape measure. Take an accurate measure of your head size to find the right wig. 

Line Up Your Wig

Your wig will not look natural if you don't line it up with your natural hairline. Ensure that your wig is positioned properly on your head by lining up the wig with your natural hairline. In order to correctly line up your wig, put the wig on your forehead just above your eyebrows. Then, slowly slide the wig back over the head while adjusting. Slide it until the wig's bottom hits the nape of your neck. Once done, shuffle your wig forward slowly until it hits your natural hairline. At last, secure the straps, and you are good to go!

Look For the Right Wig

If you are a beginner, you might wonder which wig type to pick for a more natural look. Lace front wigs make an excellent option because they give the illusion of a natural hairline. These wigs are especially great for those who love to experiment with styling as they move freely and let you choose where your hair parting sits. 

Frontal lace wigs blend more seamlessly with your hairline, giving the impression of natural growth. Monofilament tops also offer a natural appearance to the scalp. Furthermore, pre stretched braiding hair is also a fantastic option as it comes down to a natural taper at the end. It is perfect for creating a variety of protective hairstyles, including crochet braids and ponytails, 

It Doesn't Have to Be Perfect!

One important tip to keep in mind is that even too much perfection can give away the game! So, try not to make your wig look too perfect and in place. If you want your wig to look real or natural, you have to keep reminding yourself that hair is free moving and usually is not keen to stay put. 

Therefore, when it comes to natural-looking wigs, you need to embrace the imperfections and find the balance. You can fluff up your wig with your hands or play around with combing and moving the fibers of your wig. Most importantly, feel free to style and accessorize your wig as you would do to your natural hair. 


Hopefully, you have now learned some of our favorite trips to make your wig appear natural as you step out in it. Moreover, another tip for having a natural-looking wig is to go for human hair wigs or extensions. 

No matter what you choose for yourself, make sure to buy your favorite wigs from the right place, where you get the guarantee of quality and durability. Elise Beauty Supply is one such place for you where you can find a wide collection of premium quality hair wigs, extensions, and other hair accessories to prep up your look for different purposes or occasions. From pre stretched braiding hair to human hair frontal lace wig, get everything at the best price

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