Queen B Braid hair extensions pre- stretched pre-pulled 50 inch

Queen B Braid Hair Extensions

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Queen B Braid Pre-stretched Bulk Wholesale

Wholesale Queen B Braids are available in bulk.  Purchase Queen B braids wholesale at Elise Beauty Supply by the box. Queen B bulk braids are available in single color or split-color boxes. Boxes that contain a single color contain 120 pieces of one color. A half box contains 60 pieces. On the other hand, a split - color box contains four hair colors of your choice for a total of 120 pieces. Furthermore, you can select the lengths you want 40’, 50’ or inch.  No matter which length or colors you choose, Queen B braid hair extensions offers quality at an affordable price for both consumers and professional braiders.

Queen B pre-stretched braiding hair by Urban Beauty is the hair braiders choice especially throughout the eastern United States. What make Queen B braiding hair so popular? Queen B braid hair extensions are the preferred braiding hair choice among beauty supply shoppers and professional braiders. Queen B braid are pre-stretched and pre-pulled. This feature save time for braiders as they do not have to waste time stretching and feathering the hair. Also, the pre-stretched feature ensures the braids won’t unravel at the ends, therefore; rubber bands are not required to hold the braided ends together. Queen B braid hair extensions has a soft remy texture which gives the hair the look and feel of one’s own natural hair. While braiding, the hair simply glides through the fingers of the braider which. shortens the time braiding time.

Queen B braid pre-stretched braid hair is available in bulk at a wholesale price. Are you a braider with clientele? Wholesale bulk braids are an excellent option for your home based and or salon-based business. You can improve your customer’s experience just by having braiding hair available.


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