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RastAfri Freed'm Silky Braids

Rastafri Freed’m silky braid is soft with a light shine and is 24 inches long.

Rastafri Pre-stretched braiding hair has the same Afrelle kanekalon fiber as Freed’m silky braid. Rastafri Pre-stretched braiding hair tends to be braided tighter inside the package, but it has the same weight as the Freed’m silky braid. The texture is soft and tangle free.

Rastafri Base ‘N’ Silky braiding hair has a light feel and soft texture is most used to create the foundation braids to apply crochet braids and sew in weaves. Afrelle Kanekalon fiber.

Rastafri Bulk ‘N’ Braid replicates one’s own natural hair texture. Bulk n braid hair is 48’ long folded. If you are seeking a kinky straight style Bulk N Braid is a good product.

Rastafri Malibu Afro kinky braids are 19 inches long and feels like natural afro kinky 4c hair. Made with 100 percent Afrelle kanekalon this product comes packaged with two bundles. Malibu Afro kinky braids are tangle free, and versatile. It can be used for both braiding and crochet hair styles. This product is packaged with two bundles.